Hotels and Resorts

Chicago area hotels and resorts provide a weekend of wonderful experiences for your wedding guests and can offer you bundled amenities because of the amount of business you are bringing to them. 


Choosing a hotel or resort for your wedding reception keeps all your guests in one place for much of the weekend. With everything from sleeping rooms to restaurants and bars, to golf and spa options, these reception venue locations can keep your guests happy and occupied throughout an entire weekend. If you are inviting may out-of-town guests, a hotel reception may be the best solution for you.

Having everything in one place will also provide some savings, as hotels will package many of their amenities into group pricing programs. These can include the wedding, reception, and sometimes even a honeymoon suite. They can even include decorations, cake and music!

Most hotels are located close to metropolitan areas or cities and towns with many amenities. This gives your out of town guests things to do while not at the wedding festivities.

Hotels also provide many perks including discounted and sometimes free parking. Many offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Some offer shuttle service to local shopping and area restaurants as well.

Some hotels are part of larger chains. They can offer arrangements and discounts with other resorts in their group for your honeymoon options.

Because your guests can “get a room” even if they are locals, you have less to worry about with people driving home after partying too much.

So, take advantage of the amenities offered by hotels and spas and don’t forget to leave a welcome basket in their room. We welcome you to browse several of the hotel & resort options above here at Wedding Guide Chicago!