Barns and Farms

The trend of weddings at barns and farms is growing. Chicago’s venues will not disappoint any bride who is hoping to bring this trend to life for her wedding. The rustic-chic environment is sure to bring your guests to a whole new world as they enter your ceremony and reception. 

Chicago’s venues have plenty to offer. Each venue is unique and hoping to help create the wedding of your dreams. Many barn venues have been reconstructed to make wedding magic and are eager to meet your expectations.

Fairy Tale Setting

Barn weddings are typically nestled away in the countryside. This gives your wedding guests the feeling of being in a fairytale. You retreat from city life and are greeted with beautiful views and a gorgeous landscape.

Romantic Environment

Escaping away to a beautiful farm in the countryside screams romance. Something about the rustic element of the barn gives you and your guests a feeling of comfort and love. These types of venues bring on the warm feelings and will leave your guests melting at the romance.

Lots and Lots of Space

Barns and farms offer a large area for your ceremony and reception. This gives you ample room for a large guest list. Barns and farms also offer enough spaces for your guests to dine and celebrate together. Some venues have a few barns to choose from, giving you the opportunity to select the perfect space.

A Clean Slate

Many of these barns and farms offer a clean slate for you to create the wedding of your dreams. This gives you freedom to choose exactly what you want instead of having to accommodate the venue’s limitations. For a truly ideal, story-like wedding environment, Chicago barn and farm venues are a can’t-miss option.