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Chicago Wedding Vendors

You’re lucky! We have compiled the best wedding pros in the Chicagoland area at When planning your wedding, you have access to an almost infinite number of vendors, make sure they are true and trusted professionals.  The amount of professionals who can help you with your wedding can be overwhelming. Start at the beginning, using a step by step process. First research top choices for ceremony and reception. Whether at the same location or not, they will need to be scheduled together. Once you’ve narrowed your options, meet with and tour the top 3-4 locations. Negotiate the contract, and once complete, move on to the next step in the planning process.

We’ve done the homework for you and provided a comprehensive list of all of the wedding professionals available to you in Chicago and Suburbs. You can do a search for what you need, or you can casually browse through the categories. All of these vendors are vetted by us—we don’t let just anyone get listed on our site. If it makes sense to have at a wedding, we have people who can make it happen.

Reach out to a few different vendors in the same category. Quite often, the services offered will be similar, compare what’s offered in each package. Remember, you will be working with them closely, some on the day of your wedding, so make sure you like their personality as well!  The only way you’ll know is to start looking. Click on a category or use the search bar—good luck!