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Chicago Wedding Invitations

You’ve gotten engaged. And now, you’re finally ready for the big day. The only thing left: invite your friends and family to celebrate the day with you!

Save the Date 
A wedding is arguably one of the biggest days of your life. On the biggest days of your life, you want everyone you care about to be there with you. That’s why people use “Save the Dates”. Don’t confuse a save the date with a wedding invitation—it’s not the same thing.

All you have to do with a save the date is set the actual date of the wedding. You don’t need to know a location or anything of that nature. It’s basically just telling people not to plan anything on that day so they can be there with you.

Picking the Actual Invitation
It’s 2014, and, thanks to the internet, you can now send out cheap wedding invitations without paying a dime.PLEASE DON’T! It’s just not proper etiquette. The invitation sets the tone of your entire wedding. From the paper you choose to the type font you pick, it tells your guests what to expect when they attend. Do you really think your grandma and aunts would be impressed if they received an email with some affordable wedding invitation?

Physical, custom wedding invitations are mementos. They’re right up there with your wedding photos and videos. It’s the first token you have of your marriage—the first indication you were both going to spend your lives with each other.

The Art of the Invite 
It’s important to weigh your options. There are invitations for every budget, style and personality. You can find books with samples, you can shop online, or you can check out one of our amazing invitation studios, which offers a wide variety of designs, both standard and custom. These stores will direct you based on your budget and style. They will also place your orders and provide that final eye to make sure everything is included and spelled properly!

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