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Typically, most wedding planning is put onto the shoulders of the bride. After all, men usually aren’t as obsessed with all things wedding like flowers and dresses as women are. That’s not to say that the groom can sit back and relax, though. In Chicago, there are a lot of options out there for every part of your wedding. Your bride is going to be stressed out trying to plan and pick the perfect option from every selection. You need to be supportive, even if you’re doing a lot of work yourself. Weddings are stressful, but the man needs to be the stable emotional rock. That’s your number one priority. Don’t stop reading—you have other obligations, too.

Picking A Best Man & Getting A Tux

Picking a best man—Who do you trust to manage your wedding affairs? Pick a best man who you enjoy the company of and who is capable of doing the duties of a best man, including holding the ring, signing the marriage license, etc.
Getting a tux—Men usually aren’t as “into” fashion as women, so you might think that you can just throw on any ol’ tux and look fine. You might be able to, but that’s not what weddings are about. First off, try to get a tux that matches your mate’s dress. You’ll look like a pair. Also, make sure that you get your tux tailored – a groom shouldn’t look like a sixth grader who just threw on his father’s suit.
The general thinking is that grooms shouldn’t see brides in the wedding dress before the wedding. Luckily for you, the opposite isn’t true. Feel free to bring your special lady to the tux store to make sure that you’re both happy with your selection.