Chicago Wedding Music - Bands, DJs & Musicians

Whether you are looking for a wedding band, wedding DJ or ceremony musician, discover the best Chicago Wedding Music options below...

Wedding Music & Dance

If you’re planning a wedding in Chicago, then you know there are a series of different events within it—the recessional music, the first dance music, and the cocktail hour music to name just a few. Everyone has different tastes in music, but, whatever your tastes are, one thing’s for sure—the music you pick is very important. It’ll set the mood for every part of your event, and it can turn a normal event into a memorable one.

The First Decision: DJ or Band?
A Chicago DJ can come in handy. DJs are experts at picking the right music. They’ll be dedicated towards the music driving your wedding for the entire day. Not only will they play the tracks, but they’ll take requests (mainly from you) and adjust the volume as needed.

Another option is to hire a live band. Live bands in Chicagoland are the classic route—they provide energy to an event because of the live stage presence, making it feel very personal and special.

Plan Your Events & Pick Your Music
Go through each and every step of your wedding. You’ll have music playing in the background for every single one. It’s important that you lay out a schedule so you’re not scrambling on the day of the wedding. The last thing you want is a dead atmosphere due to no music, or, even worse, the wrong type of music playing. Even though music is in the background, it’s still a big part of your wedding. Emotions are driven by music.

 No matter what you pick, we know it’ll be a smashing success. The only tricky part is the planning—make sure that every note, lyric, and track fit perfectly into the atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate.