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  1. Cat

    At my wedding we put out a photo from our engagement session in a frame with a huge mat and had guests sign the mat board. It is a great keepsake, and we got the best messages from our guests.

  2. Dana_Peters

    We opted for a photobooth guest book since we were having a photobooth anyway. The photos were great and so were the messages! If that isn't an option, I like the idea of getting a nice coffee table book or making a photobook of your engagement session photos if you had one. Best of luck with your decision. I love you are being more creative than just a traditional names and address guest book.

  3. Bridget Gilman

    I have seen where the couple had guests sign a vase which was later displayed in their home. My fiance and I are doing a photo book with our engagement session, but if you didn't have an engagment session you could always use pictures of your dating period and include pictures with friends and family. In the photobook you could include pages where guests give you date night ideas, reasons why you're perfect together, Recipe for marriage, etc.

  4. Laura — Wedding Guide Chicago Publisher

    I think both of these ideas are great and make the idea of a guest book something current, not a thing of the past!
    I was a wedding where the couple had met in Spain in college, so their entire wedding theme was based around Spain and their guestbook was also a picture book of Spain. All the guests wrote notes on the page they liked. Similar to the Chicago book, but a great way to incorporate your theme or inspiriation.


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