What’s Your Style? Wedding Gowns, Dresses & More

The pictures of you that are taken on your wedding day will be ones that you look back on for years to come. What are you going to be wearing in every single one?

Don’t Panic!

Here’s the deal: bridal stores in Chicago that sell gowns for weddings can help you. Most of them have a staggering amount of options to choose from. And the options are diverse. They definitely have the “typical” wedding dress, but there are so many variations, too.

If you’re concerned about burdening your friends and family with the chore of picking out dresses and tuxedos, don’t be. Pick your dress and they’ll help you find coordinating apparel for your loved ones.

Don’t Rush, Either

While you shouldn’t stress about picking out the style for your Chicago wedding, you should take your time on it. It’s like any other part of your wedding—are you going to rush and pick the very first wedding invitation you lay your eyes on? Probably not.

Browse and find something suited to you. Bring along some supportive friends and family when you go shopping. Not only does it make it more interesting, but they’ll be able to offer insight the store employee might not be able to. A good salon stylist will listen to you and your friends and recommend wedding dresses best for your style, body type and budget.


Many brides have their wedding dresses and/or veils passed down from their mothers or grandmothers.

Maybe you’ll pass your dress down to your child in the future?

Maybe not, but you just might. Pick one that you’d be proud to give to someone else. Consider browsing options below from us right here at Wedding Guide Chicago!
Whatever you pick out, we’re positive you’ll look beautiful—at your wedding, with your beaming smile and radiating joy, it’s impossible not to.
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All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, you hear gasps as you pass by and it is not because your slip is showing.
You just pulled off the “JLo of style” when it comes to pulling the gown, accessories and jewels together to create your signature look. When putting together your wedding look, keep comfort, personal taste and impact in mind. Unless you love your grandmother’s style, you won’t be a confident bride if you are in items your grandma picked out for you. There are many options when it comes to styling yourself for your wedding. You could go the professional route (hiring a wedding style specialist—yes they exist) or you can just go at it on your own. Whichever route you choose, stay true to yourself.
Keep jewelry in line with your gown. If you have an ornate and beautifully decorated gown—keep your jewels on the minimal side. If your hair is up, beautiful earrings (chandelier or drop style) can highlight your neck and neckline. If you have a strapless or spaghetti strap style gown, an incredible bejeweled pendant or choker style necklace can add spice to your look. If you are wearing a halter style dress, a set of bangles or diamond tennis bracelet can really complete your look. Some great options of types of jewels to use are: costume jewelry (it is inexpensive, but can look incredibly beautiful), diamonds (they are a girl’s best friend!), and ruby and emeralds. All are beautiful pieces that can add a pop of color to a white gown.
Choosing a wedding gown at Lacuna Artist Lofts
Timothy Whaley Photographic Artists
Comfort, comfort, comfort is the key! Some women can work 8 hours a day in heels and some can barely spend 5 minutes in them. We suggest two pairs of shoes—something sassy for the ceremony and photo opps where your feet will be seen (first dance), and something more comfortable such as flats or slippers for most of the reception. Many women change their gown but don’t even think twice about their shoes. Your aching feet will be thanking you as you dance the night away.The old school option of dying your shoes is still around, but today’s bride is opting for shoes ala “Carrie Bradshaw.” Bold colors, metallic finish heels, as well as beautifully embroidered flats, are quite popular.
Depending on the weather, you may want to incorporate a wrap to your look. It can be dyed to match the detail colors of your bridesmaids or it can be made from the same material of your dress. If you are having a winter wedding, a faux fur stole can be a striking look to show off. Faux fur is a huge statement-making trend right now, so why not try it on for size? For the vintage look, choose your mother’s fur, or go for today’s modern pieces. You can get an ultra chic fashion forward and cruelty free piece that feels real to the touch. There are two ways to rock this piece out, and yes we mean rock! First, you can wear an oversized piece with a sleeker dress silhouette or second, you can don a gilet shorter and more fitted with your looser silhouette. As for colors, opt for what you feel best in, but your options are endless. Dyed pieces are less gaudy in neutral nudes, blacks and whites or you can go for the natural browns. If you are a rebel and feel like going the extra distance check out brighter colors, but do wear at your own risk!
Hats, purses and gloves are the final accoutrements to consider. While you won’t necessarily be wearing these for your entire reception, they’ll make for the perfect photo opp and complete your signature style.
With modern bridal fashions, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the  choice of fabrics for your wedding dress.
From luxurious silk and satin to delicate taffeta and chiffon, designers are incorporating a diverse range of fabrics in their creations, leaving today’s bride with a bounty of options.
Fabrics are chosen first and foremost for their beauty and the role they play in the design of the dress, but they are also chosen for their versatility, wearability, and comfort for the length of time they are to be worn and the weather they will be worn in. Many of the newer fabrics include fibers that help a dress maintain its shape and style through a long day. These are just a sampling of some of the more popular fabrics that are used in today’s wedding fashions:
Wedding in Chicago at Lacuna Artist Lofts
Andre LaCour Photography
This lightweight fabric is soft and drapes elegantly. It is often made of silk or polyester and in addition to being smooth, it has a soft luster.
Sheer and soft, chiffon is made from silk, polyester, and rayon. It is often layered or used as an overskirt over other fabrics.
Another lightweight sheer fabric, organza actually has a stiff quality that gives it more structure and is perfect for overskirts and detailing on a wedding dress.
This French name means “skin of silk” and represents a traditional wedding dull-lustered satin fabric that is medium to heavy in weight and drapable. The finish is popular because it is flattering to many body shapes and sizes. There are different variations in satins from shiny to subtle.
The distinctive luster is what makes this plain weave fabric with a more textured silk surface popular for wedding gowns. You can even hear its distinctive rustle when it is worn.
Used extensively in bridal gowns, tulle is extremely delicate and fine and is often used as an overskirt.
  • Have everyone in the bridal arty try their entire ensemble on at least a week before the wedding to ensure proper fit.
  • Leave ample time for alterations and have the final fitting about two weeks before the wedding- pre- wedding jitters often result in weight gain or loss right before the special day.
  • Be careful getting in and out of the limousine with your dress- have your maid of honor help you. Move carefully. Watch your dress and train when you go in and out of doorways ans on escalators and elevators as well.
  • Unless you're purchasing a couture gown, remember wedding gowns are custom order, no custom made. This means they are cut to a standard size and should be ordered according to your largest measurement. Ask to see the size chart and determine with your salon consultant which size Will be best for you.
  • When ordering your veil, be wary of heavy detail around the edge. This can become a distracting focal point in your wedding photographs.
  • Purchase comfortable fitting under-garments before your first fitting. They will make a big difference how your dress fits. Wash them by hand before your wedding to prevent chaffing.
With many social changes over the past few decades, a bride may not be sure what kind of gown is appropriate for her Chicago wedding. Can she wear a long gown when she’s marrying for the first time at age 30 or 40? Is white appropriate for a second marriage? Are ivory or blush pink colors in style for a wedding dress? Here are some basic rules of bridal gown etiquette to help you decide what’s best for your situation:
  • Any bride may wear a long, white gown—no matter how many times she’s walked down the aisle and no matter what her age.
  • A bride should wear a veil and train for her first marriage because they symbolize youth and innocence. An older, first-time bride or a second-time bride might select a wreath of flowers or a beautiful bridal hat in place of a billowy veil.
  • The bridesmaids and the mother of the bride should never wear a gown longer than the bride’s.
  • Around the turn of the century, brides wore gowns in every color including black. Today, white and eggshell are the most popular color choices. However, many designers are adding a hint of pale pink, peach, blue or mauve to traditional white gowns.
  • Today’s Chicago bride can have beautiful laces, taffetas, satins, velvets and organzas like her mother and grandmother wore, but the fabrics may contain man-made fibers to help the gown wear better with less chance of wrinkles as well as a better overall fit. Gown designers are using the finest fabrics to create distinction in their dresses.
Choosing an amazing Chicago Wedding gown
Shutterstock.com/Kolala Photography
More traditional, classic, and sophisticated looks have made their way back in vogue and are the norm these days. Gowns today range from the luxuriously appointed with beading and crystals to simple satin slip dresses with minimal or no adornment.
While the timeless Cinderella look will always be popular for fairytale weddings, sleek shaping and classic lines are just as common among today’s brides. The “A-line” silhouette is a consistent favorite due to its elegant simplicity. Sometimes accompanied by an empire waistline—a high waist just under the bust-line—it is a very flattering style to most figure types. The sleeveless bodice has become very popular. Coupled with long gloves, it brings grace and elegance to all seasons.

Consider the functionality and convenience of detachable trains. The elegance and formality for the ceremony and photographs balances conveniently with the ease of dancing and with greeting guests. Many wedding dresses these days are absent trains when they are simply designed.

As for the veil, the style of the dress most often dictates what the bride will choose. Some veils are longer and more ornate than others. Many brides are choosing to adorn their hair with jewelry from sparkling tiaras to simple combs and barrettes with fresh flowers attached.

Rely on your Chicagoland bridal shop consultant to help select the perfect wedding ensemble—the one that best reflects your personal style and figure.
Begin your search by looking at bridal magazines, looking online and attending the local fashion shows in your area. The ideas you get from the magazines and shows will give you some basis to go on when you begin your salon visits.Always set an appointment when visiting a bridal salon. Bridal gowns are not the type of garments you can simply browse through on a rack. You need the personalized attention of a specialist who can gather a handful of gowns for you to try based on your tastes, figure and budget. This will save both you and the salon staff precious time.
Always use a respected bridal salon to purchase your gown. Use the  Internet only for research when it comes to choosing the most important  dress of your life.
Make your purchase from a salon known for its expertise, reliability and service in the industry. Remember this is no simple purchase. Choose a vendor you will be comfortable working with throughout the entire process—from ordering through the alterations process.
Order your gown six to 12 months in advance of your wedding. Remember that such garments are produced in lots. As manufacturers take orders from all over the country, they wait until they accumulate enough requests for a given gown to justify a “run” before cutting the fabric for the lot.
This production process saves you money, but unfortunately necessitates a long lead time in ordering. Order your bridesmaid gowns four to eight months in advance. Salons generally do not order bridesmaids dresses until all the women in your party are measured. This ensures that the gowns are cut from the same dye lot and they’ll match.
Gorgeous Chicagoland wedding gown
Andre LaCour Photography
Let the salon staff guide you in selecting the right size. Sizes vary greatly according to manufacturer. NEVER order the size you hope to be by your wedding day. It is a lot easier to take a gown in than to let it out.
Ask about the price of alterations for your gown, and the scheduling of your fittings. Alterations generally run from $50 to $250 and require two to three fittings over the course of one or two months to complete.
Keep all receipts. The delivery date of the dress and headpiece should also be included on the receipt. Get all promises and estimates for alterations in writing. Expect to leave a 50% deposit when ordering. If you cancel your order, you forfeit your deposit and will be required to pay the entire cost of the dress.
A portion of the balance may be due before your gown is altered. The balance will be due upon delivery. Some shops require the balance paid in full before they begin alterations.
Most shops do not permit taking pictures of a gown until you buy it. This standard practice prevents dressmakers from copying nationally-known designers.
These retail shops offer the personal service you’d expect from standard bridal shops, but offer dresses that have been previously owned—not always worn by another bride.
These gowns often come from manufacturers as over-runs or dresses used in fashion shows, from would-be brides who never married, or from retailers who have gone out of business. Most of the dresses are one-half to one-third the cost of the original retail price. Alterations are not usually included in the price.
Alterations make a wedding gown fit perfectly
Lemon Twist Images
Resale boutiques, also known as consignment stores, may have wedding dresses or dresses appropriate as wedding fashions. These dresses have been gently used, most likely worn once, or maybe not at all due to a wedding that was called off. The prices can run from 1/3 to1/2 off the original retail price. Consignment stores can also be a great place to find accessories like shoes and jewelry at a fraction of their full retail price.
If you’ve searched high and low for a wedding dress, but you just haven’t found one to suit your tastes, consider altering a designer sample gown, a used gown from a consignment store, or a borrowed dress from your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or friend. If you choose this option, examine the dress carefully for insect damage, discoloration, weak seams, missing buttons and stains. Consult a trusted dry cleaner to discover if spots or stains can be removed. Find an expert seamstress to help you with advice on what alterations you will need and how they will look on you. If the dress is given to you as a gift, consider using it as a base, and perhaps altering the look of just part of the dress like the length of the skirt.
The last option, is to find a seamstress you trust and create a dress all your own from scratch. Bring some ideas of what you would like to her to begin the process and let her show you some drawings of what she can create for you. You will have much more leeway with styles and fabrics that aren’t always available with mass-produced wedding gowns.


The gathering of the train caught up in the back of the dress below the waist, usually secured with multiple buttons, hooks and eyes.

A long train extending nine feet from the waist.

A train extending four feet from the waist.

Train attached at the shoulders of the gown rather than at the waist.
Wedding gowns in Chicago
Lemon Twist Images


A boat-shaped neckline formed by a straight line between the shoulders, sometimes dips in the front.

A bodice that ties behind the neck, leaving the arms, shoulders and back bare.
Neckline that circles the base of the neck. When the neckline is made with a sheer fabric, it is known as a Sheer Jewel.

Neckline that begins just inside the shoulder and falls to the bustline in the center.
Neckline coming across the top of the bustline leaving the shoulders and the top and back of the neckline completely bare.

Open neckline that begins two inches inside the shoulder line and is shaped like a heart.
Neckline that is shaped like the letter “V” with the bottom point coming at the center of the bustline.


The gathering of the train caught up in the back of the dress below the waist, usually secured with multiple buttons, hooks and eyes.
A long train extending nine feet from the waist.
A train extending four feet from the waist.
Train attached at the shoulders of the gown rather than at the waist.
We know how choosing the perfect wedding dress makes the bride, but what you wear underneath is just as important. Choosing lingerie that properly complements your dress can make all the difference in the world on how you look on your day, and even more importantly, how you feel. In fact, the first step after you choose your dress should be to find your “foundation”, otherwise known as your undergarments. Purchase them before your first fitting.
A foundation should be chosen to give you the support you need, but keep your comfort in mind as well. Consider a garment that you’ll also be able to move around and dance in on your special day.
Lingerie for under the wedding gown
Jenny Taylor Boudoirs
When finding your foundation, let the experts at your lingerie or bridal salon guide you to what will work best with your dress style. They will help you wade through all that lingerie vocabulary like strapless, backless, bustiers, and garter belts and assist you in finding just what you need for your wedding day attire. There are almost as many styles of foundations as there are dress designs, and certain styles look better with different body types.
A foundation should be chosen to give you the support you need, but keep your comfort in mind as well. Consider a garment that you’ll also be able to move around and dance in on your special day. Some brides choose their wedding day lingerie with function foremost while others lead with their fashion instincts, often having a distinct style in mind. Make sure to choose your foundation well before your first fitting, as sometimes alterations may even need to be made to your foundation before it is ready to try with your dress.
Your wedding day undergarments are only the start, however, when it comes to lingerie shopping, as you’ll also want to look and feel your best on your honeymoon. Perhaps that’s why lingerie showers are making such a comeback. Many stores actually have a lingerie registry, which you’ll want to complete at least a few weeks before your shower. A lingerie registry takes the guesswork out of gift giving for your friends and family and allows you to have great lingerie that is completely your style. Not only can you register for fun and sexy pajamas for your honeymoon, but bras and panties to wear every day.
How your gown looks and fits is very important. Once you’ve chosen your specific gown, your bridal consultant will recommend the size you should order.
Follow this advice.
Don’t depend on the sample dress as a reference. It may not be cut exactly to size, or it may have stretched from being tried on too many times. Ask to see the manufacturer’s size chart. Sizes vary widely and will likely differ from your usual jean or dress size. Follow the size chart closely to determine which size you should purchase.
Ask to see the manufacturer’s size chart. Sizes vary widely and will likely differ from your usual jean or dress size. Follow the size chart closely to determine which size you should purchase.
Order according to your largest measurement: bust, waist or hip. If you plan to lose a few extra pounds, don’t order a smaller dress. Order a dress that fits you now. If you lose the weight, great! If you don’t, the alteration costs—over and above standard charges—will skyrocket because of the extra work required to make the dress larger. It’s much easier for a seamstress to take your dress in than let it out.
If you wear a large dress size or are rather tall (over 5’9"), expect additional charges for the extra length or width. If your size is not in the manufacturer’s regular production cuts, they’ll have to custom cut the dress for you. The charge for this is passed on to you.
Shops generally charge for alterations two ways: by each alteration—i.e. hem, sleeves, side seams—or by a flat fee. Find out how your shop charges. If you’ll be charged for each alteration, get an estimate before work begins. If the estimate or flat fee seems high, take the gown to another professional—one who has experience altering bridal gowns.
Chicago wedding gown alterations
Andre LaCour Photography
Regardless of your wedding style, the simple addition of accessories can enhance your look and make your wedding day ensemble complete.
Though simple veils are traditional and have always been in style, there are numerous options to adorn your hair. Tiaras, either with veils or without, have become extremely popular as they add a regal touch to your wedding ensemble. Many brides are choosing simpler hair accessories, including headbands, combs, and barettes that are accented with jewels, crystals, beads, and even fresh flowers. Another option that has returned from the past are hats. Consider a pill-box hat with a demure veil to accompany a simple tailored gown or suit. Easter-style bonnets have always been in fashion for spring and summer.
Though they are an integral part of your wedding ensemble, your shoes often fall into the accessory category. Though no one will likely see it until the infamous dance, a lacy hand-made garter with blue ribbons (“something blue”) is a beautiful gift from an aunt or best friend. A garter set often includes the one you wear and one for your groom to toss.
Speaking of the garter dance, you may want to invest in some lacy hosiery for a great leg accessory.
Take the time to coordinate your jewelry with your wedding ensemble. If your neckline is already intricate with lace or beads, you may want to forego a necklace. Try on earrings with your dress and headpiece to see what would complement your look best, without detracting from the style you have chosen.
Accessories complete this wedding look by Studio 2015, Woodstock
Andre LaCour Photography
Though veils are the traditional bridal headpieces, alternatives have become commonplace with today’s modern brides. Veils are also often combined with other hair jewelry such as tiaras or hats to create a unique wedding day look. 

Tiaras used to be reserved for royalty, but they have now become a top hair fashion accessory for today’s bride. These beautiful headpieces are now affordable pieces of costume jewelry that are often adorned with sparkling rhinestones and pearls.
Bride with veil in car in Chicagoland
Edward Fox Photography
Expensive celebrity tiaras made from real jewels are often available as less-expensive reproductions in the accessory section of your local bridal salon. Whether worn alone or with a veil, they are sure to make you look like a princess on your special day. And don’t forget to show your tiara to your hair stylist well before the wedding so that he or she can incorporate it appropriately into your wedding day hair.
For many brides, a tiara may seem too fussy or glamorous. For a more natural look, a simple crown of flowers may be all that is needed, by itself, or with a detachable veil. Flowers can also be worn directly in the hair, with complimentary satin ribbons woven into braids. Many women of Asian,
Hawaiian, and Hispanic heritage are choosing to incorporate vibrant tropical flowers into headbands and headpieces.
If you are looking for a unique style or more elegant air for your wedding, consider topping off your attire with hats. If you’re contemplating having a wedding with a retro look, a New Year’s Ceremony, or even a very elegant evening wedding, hats may be a fabulous fashion addition to your wedding ensemble. You may even want to add top hats for your male attendants to accent their wardrobe. The same goes for the ladies—consider netted pillbox hats or small caps with feathers for deco-dressed attendants. The Easter parade wouldn’t be complete without bonnets— have them accompany whimsical matching ankle length gowns for a spring or summer wedding.
Select fabric shoes that compliment your gown and those of your attendants. Take your shoes to all fittings—hemlines are measured up from the floor when you are wearing your shoes. Break them in at home.
When making your final “pick up” from the salon, take inventory to be sure you bring home all items you’ve purchased including your headpiece, shoes, slip, undergarments, gloves, jewelry and any other accessories.
Since you and the members of your bridal party will be on your feet all day, and maybe much of the night, it’s important to pick wedding day shoes that are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well. Your shoes must be comfortable for standing, walking and dancing.
Take into consideration all the wear and tear that your shoes will have to endure and add tips to protect the bottoms and heels of your shoes. If your shoes, or more likely your bridesmaids’, are dyed to match, you may want to also have them scotchguarded to protect them from rain or snow. Most wedding fashion salons have shoes for sale and can give you expert advice on what shoes work best with different types of attendant and bridal attire.
Chicago Wedding Shoes
You’ll also want to consider the time of year when deciding on styles. Cold weather dictates close toed, while a summer wedding makes all types of strappy sandals fair game. Some brides may choose a style for all her bridesmaids to wear, while others may encourage their attendants to choose what suits them in a certain color, heel height, or style.
Today’s wedding shoes come in all types of high fashion styles from many top designers. Gone are the days when the only choice was a peau de soie or satin pump in three styles in white or ivory. There are wedding shoes with intricate embroidery, satin ribbons and bows, glitter, and even attachable jewels. Many brides choose a simple white ballet slipper—a popular option these days. In fact, there are even lacy “sneakers” for a bride to change into during her reception.
Certain situations call for really unique types of wedding shoes. Brides marrying in special locales can choose extremely appropriate footwear for their surroundings: flip-flops for beach vows, hiking boots for a scenic hillside or meadow wedding, skis for mountaintop “I Do’s”, and even white cowboy boots for a dude-ranch ceremony (or when the bride hails from Texas!). Wherever your wedding will be, the most important thing is to choose shoes that you are truly comfortable wearing.
The days of the dowdy Mother of the Bride are gone! On the occasion of her child’s wedding, every mother wants to look beautiful and elegant. After the bridal and attendants’ gowns are chosen, the bride should discuss her preferences of lengths, colors and styles with both mothers. Brides may prefer mothers’ dresses to be colors that blend with those of the attendants; or contrast, but do not conflict.
A few rules apply: Mothers’ dresses should never be longer than the bride’s or attendants’ gowns. They should not be more formal or more lavishly decorated than the bride’s gown. Typically, the bride’s mother chooses her gown first, then lets the groom’s mother know the color so she will not choose the same shade.
Many specialty shops feature lovely gowns appropriate for mothers’ and grandmothers’ wedding wear that can be worn again for another occasion. Shop with someone or go somewhere you can trust to help you choose a style and color that is best for you. Stores specializing in petite fashions or larger size fashions will generally have the best selections for mothers who vary from an average size. Remember to flaunt your assets and hide your flaws!
There are a wide range of gown prices and for this special day, you may want to splurge on the perfect dress.
Accessories finish your look. Shoes should be stylish, comfortable and blend with your dress. If you need special undergarments, they should be fitted by a professional.
Jewelry should be the final touch to complete your total picture.
Chicago marriage planning
Your wedding gown will likely be the most beautiful, and most expensive dress you ever buy.
When you buy your dress, ask the retailer about suggested cleaning and storing procedures. If you consider these points carefully, your elegant gown can become a wedding tradition and grace other beautiful brides in future generations.
Before purchasing your gown inspect it carefully and check the cleaning and storage requirements. Wedding gowns decorated with beads, sequins, lace and other ornate trim may cause problems during cleaning.
After the wedding, have your gown cleaned and protected for future use. For best results, have it cleaned within several weeks. The longer stains and soil are left in your dress, the more likely they’ll become permanently embedded.
Preserve you wedding gown in Glen Ellyn
After cleaning, have your gown stored securely in a suitable dust-proof box. Keep it in an cool, dry area such as an interior closet. High temperatures may cause oxidation of finishes or trims and moisture may cause mildew.
Depending on when you store the dress, it may need to be recleaned and professionally pressed before it can be worn again.
Many of today’s brides are considering wearing their mother’s or grandmother’s elegant wedding gowns. These old gowns, locked up for so many years in trunks and stored in the attic, may look neglected, but many of them can be restored.
A professional dry cleaner, skilled in the restoration and treatment of wedding gowns, can breathe new life into these heirloom treasures. Choose your cleaner carefully, not all are heirlooming specialists.
Before you make a final decision, have your dry cleaner look over your gown. He will check for tears and examine the areas which came in contact with the skin for stains and grime. He will inspect the skirt and train for stains and decide whether or not the gown can be perfectly restored. Don’t worry about yellowing. If the fabric is still good, a restoration specialist can achieve amazing results.

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    There are few sweeter things in life than seeing a couple in love. Juliana + Dougas’ The Drake Hotel wedding photos are no exception. The couple’s smiles say 1,000 words through every part of their big day. From their first look … Continue reading →The post ((Juliana + Douglas)) Multicultural The Drake Hotel Wedding appeared first on .

  • Elegant Summer Wedding at The Seville ((Joanna + Ralph))


    ((Joanna + Ralph’s)) love story is one for a romance novel! Their love started at the end of their senior year of high school. They had known each other for a little while, but perfect timing aligned at the end … Continue reading →The post Elegant Summer Wedding at The Seville ((Joanna + Ralph)) appeared first on .

  • Meet the Pro: Jenny from Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography


    Meet Jenny from Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography. She was always the little girl with the camera that decided to step out, believe in herself, and become the photographer that some said wasn’t possible. She and her fabulous team aspire to … Continue reading →The post Meet the Pro: Jenny from Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography appeared first on .

  • ((Courtney + Prashanth)) Barrington Golf Course Wedding


    ((Courtney + Prashanth))  have such a super sweet wedding story our eyes watered up! The couple met in college and after 4 years of being friends, they decided to go on a date. Five years after their first date, Prashanth … Continue reading →The post ((Courtney + Prashanth)) Barrington Golf Course Wedding appeared first on .

  • Wedding Event: The Big Fake Wedding at Pinstripes Chicago


    Chicago brides, grab your MOHs and come to the best alternative form of a bridal show — The Big Fake Wedding! This bridal show alternative is what it sounds like — a Big Fake Wedding, complete with an emotional vow … Continue reading →The post Wedding Event: The Big Fake Wedding at Pinstripes Chicago appeared first on .

  • ((Kelsy + Michael)) Rustic Winter Wedding In The Woods


    We cannot get over how gorgeous ((Kelsy + Mike)) look in their outdoor wedding photos. From the soft snow and beautiful sunset, their wedding pictures taken by Melissa Marie Photography are truly picturesque. Rewind to how Kelsy + Mike met, … Continue reading →The post ((Kelsy + Michael)) Rustic Winter Wedding In The Woods appeared first on .

  • Couple of the Week ((Alex + Scott))


    ((Alex + Scott’s)) engagement photos are the perfect picture to have us thinking of summer! On one of the hottest Sundays, Ed & Aileen Photography met the adorable couple along with their pups, at a park near their home. After … Continue reading →The post Couple of the Week ((Alex + Scott)) appeared first on .

  • ((Bonnie + Josh)) Northwestern Chicago Couple of the Week


    ((Bonnie + Josh)) are internet friends of their photographer, Elle Golden Photography, and finally got the chance to meet during a work visit to Chicago this year. Bonnie is a self-proclaimed “girl from down under, who grew up in Indonesia and … Continue reading →The post ((Bonnie + Josh)) Northwestern Chicago Couple of the Week appeared first on .

  • ((Jay + Amy)) Vintage Chic Fall Wedding


    ((Jay  + Amy’s)) wedding envelopes the simplicity and elegance of a midwest Fall wedding with a vintage feel on a crisp October day in Illinois. ((Jay + Amy))  wanted a simple, organic, vintage wedding where all the guests were treated … Continue reading →The post ((Jay + Amy)) Vintage Chic Fall Wedding appeared first on .


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