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((Juliana + Douglas)) Multicultural The Drake Hotel Wedding

There are few sweeter things in life than seeing a couple in love. Juliana + Dougas’ The Drake Hotel wedding photos are no exception. The couple’s smiles say 1,000 words through every part of their big day. From their first look photos to their adorable pictures taken around the city with their photographer to their beautiful wedding, many of these pictures are to be framed.

This was a destination wedding for Juliana + Douglas. The couple live in Philadelphia, and got engaged on a trip to San Francisco beneath the Bay Bridge — so long distance wedding planning was definitely in order. With an eye for detail and a great planner, the couple made sure no detail of their Chicago wedding went unnoticed.

Choi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1982_low_Rachael_3Osborn_Photography_rachaelosbornphotography_simplybridalellishouse471_low.jpgChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_MBA7071_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1051_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1290_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1783_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC7514_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1824_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1835_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1867_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1892_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC2179_low Choi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC8218_low Choi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_MBA7965_lowChoi_Pugliese_Gerber_Scarpelli_Photography_DSC1567_low
Photographer: Gerber Scarpelli Photography • Ceremony + Reception: The Drake Hotel • Cake: Cake Chicago • Floral: Exquisite Designs • Bride’s Dress: Jenny Yoo  Collection Chicago • Grooms Tux: Men’s Wearhouse • Invitations: Paper Source • Transportation: Second City Trolley • Planner: Simply Perfect by Melissa

((Nicole + Tim)) Fall Bull Valley Country Club Wedding

Everything about this sweet fall wedding was absolutely stunning. When Annie Steele Photography arrived, Nicole and all of her closest friends and family were busy getting ready. Final touches of hair and make-up were being fine tuned, and the bride-to-be glowed.

The Bridal, Rose Room overlooked the Bull Valley Country Club golf course and set-up of chairs were taking place where the ceremony was to take place at 5:30 p.m. A day, several years in the making, was beginning and you could just feel the excitement as the day was about to get started.

Nicole and Tim opted not to see one another before getting married. Instead Annie Steele Photography was able to capture gorgeous bridal portraits under weeping willow trees along the golf course. After a romantic ceremony, the rest of the night was spent celebrating with thoughtful toasts, dancing, and sparklers on the patio under the stars.

Cocktail hour was spent on the patio as the sun set lower into the sky. 150 friends and family toasted to a love 10 years in the making, as the bride and groom took pictures as the golden hour approached. Annie says, “Something about Golf Course Weddings is simply magical with the soft light and smell of a summer evening of the grass.”

Sparklers on the patio ended this romantic night of celebration.

Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_Nicoleandtimblog5_lowEvans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_Nicoleandtimblog10_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim117_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_Nicoleandtimblog40_lowEvans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_Nicoleandtimblog46_lowEvans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim174_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim19062_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim190139_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim190160_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim44_lowEvans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_MARRIEDNicoleTim600134_low Evans_Ryan_Annie_Steele_Photography_Nicoleandtimblog64_low
Photographer: Annie Steele Photography • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Bull Valley Country Club • Bride’s Dress: Brides by Demetrios • Bride’s Makeup: Makeup by Jaycie • Floral: Perwinkle Florists • Cake: Lovin Oven • Planner: Vickie Boysen •

Chicago Couple of the Week ((Allison + River))

((Allison + River)) live in Chicago, recently got engaged in the Windy City, and wanted their engagement session to take place in the city they work and fell in love in.

After meeting at work at an advertising firm, River knew he wanted to ask Allison out on a date. He also knew that breakfast was her favorite meal. So, thinking that breakfast would be a casual setting, he asked her out to breakfast. River thought if it didn’t go well, they would part ways and have the rest of the weekend to enjoy their brief time off.

Breakfast went so well, that a few hours after breakfast, River texted Allison and asked her what she was up to. She immediately replied “nothing,, and the couple spent the rest of the weekend together.

JoyLyn Photography says, “The evening for their engagement session was a perfect, Summer evening in Chicago.”

With no specific spot in mind, they left it up to their photographer to find the magic in Chicago. In search of a perfect light, the couple and their photographer set out to capture the moment. Needless to say, their engagement photos shine.

Congrats to this adorable couple on their upcoming Spring wedding!

Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0100_low Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0105_low Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0110_low Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0115_low Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0120_low Metcalfe_Karaba_Joy_Lyn_Photography_0123_low

((Alissa + Chris)) Romantic Hyatt Lodge Oakbrook Wedding

One of the most well know superstitions is that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. Boy did ((Alissa + Chris)) have a chance to experience this!

With the forecast of 90 percent rain and a whole lot of wind, ((Alissa + Chris)) had more ‘luck’ than they knew what to do with. Thankfully the rain subsided and the sun came out to make their day, the perfect day for a wedding.

The morning of the big day, Alissa found herself in her childhood home surrounded by loving family and best friends. This only erupted in joyous tears from all those helping prepare her for the big day.

As Maria Harte Photography captured the moments, she could feel the love and warmth of Alissa’s family as she got ready and among Chris and his groomsmen.  Maria says, “Anyone could see these two complement each other in the best way; with the love and support they have from those around them. Alissa and Chris’s love story is one that most college going kids dream of, as college sweethearts.”

The couple met while attending Law School. From the moment they were together they knew this was the real thing, and have been together ever since. They celebrated their love by marrying at the Loyola Chapel, a fitting backdrop to their story. The day was complete with the weather finally cooperating for their reception at The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus.

Browse their beautiful day + catch a glimpse of Alissa’s Cinderella-inspired gown!

Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0938_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0939_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0948_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0953_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0957_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0964_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0985_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE0991_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE1006_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE1021_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE1035_low Neuman_Heredia_Maria_Harte_Photography_BlogUSE1036_low

Reception: The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus • Floral: Addison Floral •  Photographer: Maria Harte Photography • Shoes: Badgley Mischka • Bride’s Hair: CM Salon • Bride’s Dress: Eva’s of Oak Lawn • Event Planner: Events by City Sisters • Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo • Bride’s Makeup: LG Makeup Design

((Linnea + Kevin)) Eagle Ridge Resort Destination Wedding

The vibrant colors of fall popped through ((Linnea + Kevin’s)) destination wedding at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa. With both the ceremony and reception taking place at the Resort, Linnea, Kevin and their bridal party rented one house on the resort to get ready together.

Rebecca Marie Photography said, “With the boys tucked away downstairs and the girls hiding upstairs, it kept the morning exciting and logistically calm at all the same time.”

After getting ready, the couple’s first look photo became a family affair, complete with their  dogs. With a rustic-themed wedding planned to go with the fall colors, the couple pulled out all the stops to make sure their wedding day resembled themselves. The bride and groom had an exact replica of themselves made for their cake topper, right down to the clothes they were wearing when Kevin proposed. And how is this for a wedding sendoff? The couple caught gorgeous views from the sky.

See their family-filled day with sky blue touches ~

Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign113_lowHiggins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign011_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign024_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign032_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign050_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign065_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign068_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign077_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign083_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign087_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign088_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign100_low Higgins_Kittilsen_Rebecca_Marie_Photography__Design_GalenaDestinationFallWeddingRebeccaMariePhotographyDesign102_low
Photographer: Rebecca Marie Photography • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa • Bride’s Dress: Bridal Dreams, Iowa • Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Rachael Mora Roth • Event Planner: Megan Dombeck • Musicians: A Posh Production • Bakery: Sweetheart Bakery •

Chicago Couple of the Week ((Brian + Lexi))

((Lexi + Brian)) met through the power of social media. Becoming friends on Facebook and lovers on Skype and ooVoo, the couple got engaged and married within a few weeks. (We’ll peek into their wedding in a few weeks on our blog too, they may even pop up in our upcoming edition!) Their downtown Chicago engagement session was nothing short of adorable. With a pit stop at Millennium Park to see The Bean and time running out before nightfall, ((Brian + Lexi)) and Sachel Samone Photography made their way over to Buckingham Fountain.

Sachel Samon Photography says, “I don’t even have the words to explain how magical it was. We had 30 minutes before the sun went down, but the two worked the light like pros!”

Adorable and intimate, the couple’s smiles say it all.

Level_Level_Sachel_Samone_Photography_sachelsamonephotogra9350205_low Level_Level_Sachel_Samone_Photography_sachelsamonephotogra9350372_low Level_Level_Sachel_Samone_Photography_sachelsamonephotogra9350482_low Level_Level_Sachel_Samone_Photography_sachelsamonephotogra9350489_low

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Interested in sharing your love story with us? Follow the link to be featured!

Event Recap: Engaged Events at The James Hotel

Engaged Events at The James Hotel was the place for engaged couples to be on October 13!

Couples were treated to gourmet dishes from David Burke’s Primehouse including lobster bisque, filet mignon, 40 day dry-aged rib eye, seared salmon and more. Future bride and grooms also sipped on a premium open bar, learned about what The James Hotel has to offer, networked, and shared wedding planning stories.

Sponsored by The Local Tourist and Wedding Guide Chicago, Engaged Events introduces couples to wedding venues throughout Chicago and suburbs in an informal environment giving future newlyweds the opportunity to talk about their wedding with others who are excited to do the same. With a few surprises in store, couples got a preview of the work of wedding planner extraordinaire florist P3 Events creates for weddings, as well as invite designs from Lucky Invitations, and even took home goody bags.

Head to EngagedEventsChicago.com for information on future events and peek into the October event with photos provided by The Local Tourist.

eejames_006eejames_015_0 eejames_046eejames_052 eejames_037 eejames_023 eejames_053

((Sarahi + Omar)) Oak Hill Farm Wedding

Sarahi and Omar’s love truly shined through to family and friends during their Oak Hill Farm Wedding. After meeting at work while they were in the same training class, the couple became good friends. Friendship turned to a relationship, and a relationship turned to lovers.

“From that day on, we began a wonderful journey of taking chances and leaps of faith,” Sarahi says. After touring the city of Chicago by helicopter, Omar proposed in front of her family with a sign that read, “Marry Me.” The wedding planning immediately began and within 9 months, the couple said I do at Oak Hill Weddings. The romantic barn wedding was filled with mint, ivory, burlap, lace and all of the vintage trimmings you could ever imagine. A DIY wedding with a whole lot of love!

Tara Melissa Photographie says, “My absolute favorite part of the day was Sarahi’s gift to Omar’s children. In marrying Omar, she was also promising a part of her heart to his children. During the ceremony, she presented both with a token that symbolized her commitment to them, and wrote vows just for them as well. I’ll admit, I definitely cried. It was a truly beautiful thing to witness.”

With gorgeous light trying to shine through overcast skies, Tara Melissa Photographie was able to capture all the love in the room.

Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG5231copySMP_lowCordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG2313copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG2325copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG2369copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG2497copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG2704copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4005copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4101copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4274copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4325copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4326copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4333copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4506copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4691copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4927copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG4991copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG5153copySMP_low Cordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG5585copySMP_lowCordova_Morales_Tara_Melissa_Photographie_IMG5143copySMP_low
Photographer: Tara Melissa Photographie • Ceremony + Reception: Oak Hill Weddings • Hair & Makeup: Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa • Floral: Blooming Basket • Bakery: Wedding Day Bakery • Formalwear: Formally Modern Tuxedo

((Tara + Sean)) Vintage Salvage One Loft Wedding

((Tara + Sean’s)) gorgeous vintage loft wedding had all the elements of a perfect Chicago wedding. With a ceremony at Assumption Catholic Church and a reception at Salvage One, the couple chose to accentuate all the details of the modern space. ((Tara + Sean)) played up the venue by pairing burlap table runners topped with hardcover books and mason jars of baby’s breath. Chalkboard signs throughout the venue added a little bit of flair to the rustic/modern edged theme.

Tara blended her bridal style with the venue and looked flawless mermaid gown from The Crystal Bride. Her bridesmaid’s stunning peach dresses from Jasmine Galleria complimented the modern venue with antique chandeliers perfectly.

Peek into their wedding day sent to us by Daniela Cardili Photography.

Daniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_050_lowDaniela Cardili PhotographyNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_114_lowNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_153_lowNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_164_lowNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_212_lowDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_620_lowNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_872_lowDaniela Cardili PhotographyDaniela Cardili PhotographyNischbach_Cusack_Daniela_Cardili_Photography_1127_lowPhotographer: Daniela Cardili Photography • Ceremony: Assumption Catholic Church • Reception: Salvage One • Bride’s Dress: The Crystal Bride • Bridesmaid Dresses: Jasmine Galleria Formalwear: Men’s Wearhouse • Hair: Torrey Zeleznak • Makeup: Lisa McGinnis and Jaime Herst • Catering: Jewell Events Catering • DJ: Cage and Aquarium • Cake: Jewell Events Catering

Nature Themed Museum Wedding ((Cara + Kevin))

((Kevin + Cara’s)) nature themed wedding at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is one for the lovebirds. Having met in college and reuniting in Chicago for medical school, the couple are two peas in a pod.

Elizabeth Nord Photography says, “Cara is a girl after my own heart with her deep love for lace, pearls, and neutral colors. Kevin is one of the most romantic men I’ve ever met…” Throughout their big day, Kevin lovingly helped Cara with her dress and often glanced her way with sincere love and affection, Elizabeth says.

The couple didn’t let one of the rainiest days of spring put a damper on their wedding. As soon as the rain let up, the bridal party headed outside from the protection of the rain to capture a few gorgeous outdoor photos (with an umbrella in tow, of course.) To calm nerves, the couple took first look photos where Cara looked absolutely flawless in her Anthropologie gown with hair swept off her neck. Kevin was extra dapper in his gray tux with cuff links found off Etsy to represent his hometown of Chicago.

Their ceremony and reception details were simple and elegant to pair well with the nature museum. The reception was held in a room upstairs lit only by candlelight and a few overhanging spotlights, creating the perfect scene for romance. ((Kevin + Cara)) served mouthwatering chocolate cake to their guests. “Even though it was pouring outside, the reception gave off a warm feeling,” says Elizabeth Nord Photography.

Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara177_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara9_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara3 Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara25_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara47_low  Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara63_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara67_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara353_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara222_low   Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara238_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara320_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara363_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara226_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara228_low Clure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara459_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara449_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara397_lowClure_Sullivan_Elizabeth_Nord_Photography_KevinCara59_low
Photographer: Elizabeth Nord Photography • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum • Event Planner: Clementine Custom Events • Bride’s Dress: Anthropologie • Bride’s Makeup: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics • Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo Collection • Floral: Ocie Floral • Caterer: Jewell Events Catering • Getting Ready Venue: Hotel Orrington