Finishing Touches

model7Looking perfect

Feeling Fit. Get the energy boost, toned body, and stress relief you’ve always wanted with a personal fitness regimen.

A personal trainer can help you improve your physical fitness, lose weight, or firm up “trouble” spots. Many also offer nutritional counseling to make sure you’re eating the right foods for your energy and fitness goals. Health clubs usually offer consultations and personal training services. You may want to schedule several sessions to establish a regular exercise program—some great time to also look forward to de-stress from your hectic pre-wedding pace.

Body Back-to-Basics. Silky, soft skin isn’t just for faces. A body treatment—salt, seaweed, wraps or masques—can smooth your flesh from feet to elbows. Think about the texture and feel of a newborn baby’s skin and know that it can be yours with the proper care. Other aesthetic treatments you might consider include laser spider vein removal, microdermabrasion, permanent makeup, botox & collagen treatments. Some brides may even consider plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, tucks, lifts, and liposuction.

Getting All-Over Perfect Skin. You may also want to schedule a ‘facial’ for your back and chest if those areas will be exposed by your wedding dress. This treatment zaps blemishes and smoothes skin for a truly healthy glow.

Super Smiles. Make sure you’ll feel great about your wedding day smile through proper care both at home and in your dentist’s chair. Schedule a cleaning and exam to insure a healthy, sparkling smile. You may also want to consider some cosmetic dentistry like professional teeth whitening or caps for broken or chipped teeth so you’re teeth will be at their best.


Longer hair, smoother skin, a buffed body. Nearly everyone has a longing to improve on nature. This is the time to discover your potential.

Schedule a consultation six months before your ceremony with a consultant who specializes in refining a woman’s assets. Expect expert advice on caring for your skin, getting your nails in shape, silkening your body and growing healthy hair.
Uneven skin tone, acne or flakiness fall into the esthetician’s realm. These skin care specialists can administer facials and teach you how to clean, tone and moisturize your skin.

Your consultation may include a facial or peel to brighten your complexion. Dead skin will be sloughed off and your pores cleansed of impurities. The esthetician may suggest products and a daily routine.

Is the hair you’ve got the hair you want? If not, seek out a highly skilled stylist by asking well-coiffed women for recommendations. When you envy another’s do, you’re on the right track to finding the right stylist for you.

Discuss your wishes, explore possibilities and ask the stylist for recommendations. While no one can repair chemically abused tresses or turn your pixie crop into Lady Godiva’s locks, a talented stylist can develop a long-term hair strategy for your wedding and beyond.

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